06 June, 2010

Here comes the rain again.

It rained yesterday.

It had been cloudy for the last few days. Thick white clouds would form shapes across the blue evening sky as the sun set.

I was sitting at the window and listening to songs on the radio. Cold wind blew through my hair and splashed raindrops on my face.
I put my hand outside and cold water trickled on my arms.

People started scurrying around for cover. Kids from my building were jumping into the puddles formed by the downpour. The watchman from the next building looked happy to get drenched by the rain.

It seemed that every body had been waiting for it. Every bird, every tree, everything.
The leaves that had been bent down by the summer dust turned fresh and green as they swayed in the rain. I saw flashes of lightning but I didn't hear the thunder.

Finally, after months of bearing the scorching heat, after tolerating power-cuts for days and sweating it out, the monsoon is finally here.


  1. lovely pictures...
    rains reached dadar late!!
    but i got wet today!!
    awesomeness!!! :-D

  2. Fine Photography...Especially the third one..fantastic!! As for the monsoon, as usual, it arrived early, down here in Kerala...but not even a vestige of the characteristic audacity that it used to have....Unhappy, since, more often than not, rain is my 'Muse'... :(

  3. Nice pics! But they still can't make me like the rains :P

    In fact the pic 2 is already getting me damp and depressed :P

    Pic 1 is some kind of 'looming majesty', and pic 3 is somehow 'breezy and sunny' though :)

  4. Reporting of a happy weather ...when and as happened! :D
    'ooohh! and pretty pictures. :)

    IT RAINED HERE TOO! Just a drizzle, but still.
    Yo, Periwinkle!

  6. @ Rohith.R.Das - oh yeah..it somewhat doesn't have the same ambience!

    But its raining!!! :D

    Thanks for the comments! :)

  7. @ Stupidosaur - You dont like the rains!! O_o

    Depressed?!! Oh! -_-
    Sorry ya!

  8. @ BMX - Thank you!! :)

    @ Prathmesh - :D Yeah!
    Thank you!! :)

    @ Shristi - Yo!
    Its RAINING here..like with thunder and all!! :)

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  10. lovely layout... awesome pic, Bt rain rarely give us glimpse in Delhi :(

    But we had enouf today :D

    Liked your blog

  11. @ kim - Yay! Rains!

    Thanks for visting!! :)

  12. Beautiful pictures...

  13. 1. I absolutely Love your blog template. :D

    2.Rains! sigh! those cloudy skies seem like the best thing to happen.
    sadly its not raining here. but your post is aptly rain-ful :)

  14. @ I'll try 2 be truthful -
    1. Thank you very much! :)

    2. Thank you again! :)

  15. First rains always feel so good! :)

    Nice post and lovely blog! :)

  16. very lovely description especially the finishing line :) it has a nice dreamy touch, very beautiful imagery, you should write more often!

  17. I will try to.

    Thank you for the comments...
    Keep visiting. :)