13 August, 2009

Go green!

I sowed a tamarind seed in a flower pot near my window some time back. It started growing after a few days.

I was surprised; I wasn’t expecting it to grow.

I started taking extra care of it, watered it everyday and made proper adjustments so it could get ample of sunlight…

As time passed, small branches developed and along with that, small leaves started coming up too.

I imagined a huge tree which it would grow into. Under which I would sit and enjoy many pleasant afternoon. Climb up on it and swing on it branches. What fun!

However it didn’t turn out that way.

I returned from school one afternoon and went straight to window to see how tall my tree had grown. But no, there was no sapling there, no flower pot either!

I was shocked. Where did it go?? Did dad shift it to some other place without telling me? I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find it.

I asked dad. He said the plants along with it had some dangerous insect feeding on it. It was better to get rid of it.

I was hurt.

Did that stupid insect had no other plant to go to on this whole earth? Why my plants?

After that, I have put many seeds in other flower pots, some of them grew, some of them withered away.

But I will always remember my little tamarind tree, its branches, its leaves and those pleasant afternoons.

05 August, 2009

These are some pictures I took when I had been to Carter Road sometime back...