24 September, 2009

What do you do?

What do you do when you realise that everyone is turning their back on you? When the world completely ignores you, your sorrows and your struggle? What do you do when the person you love the most stops caring about you?

Do you quit and surrender? Do you give up? Do you cry? Do you think it is okay to live like this? Do you really care? Or do you struggle to regain your lost pride?

The emptiness inside you engulfs you, the silence darkens around you. All you wish to do is fade away and disappear.
You are not a coward, nor are you scared; you just want it all to end. You wait till the pain is drained out of you.
Is this what I have been waiting for? Is this how I wanted it to end?
And once it is over, will it come back to me? Do I have to face it again? Does anybody actually care? Anybody?

Slowly as the sands of time are running out, I wait for the end. To go away from this fake world, and masked people, cold faces and emptiness.
Take me somewhere I belong, where people really care and what I do makes a difference. Where people don’t lie for survival and life is worth living.

Am I asking for a bit too much?
I guess so.