25 March, 2010

My Monday morning

Omg! Late again! No auto at the stand. Damn.

I swipe my ID card at door. ‘Thank you’, the machine says and I try to enter the classroom

‘Please may I come in sir?’

‘What time does the lecture start?’

‘I am sorry sir, I couldn't’t get an auto.’

‘Come in’
I sit with my loyal group of friends who have saved me a seat on the last bench.

I take out my notebook and stare at its cover. It’s a Photoshop disaster! There is a picture of a vase with roses that are three times the size of the vase. The text reads ‘Time and tide waits for no man’. What does that have to do with oversized flowers?

Rucha punches me hard. ‘Homework kiya? He said he will check.’
Damn, I haven’t done it!

The professor talks about atoms, molecules and nucleus. It’s hard for me to concentrate as I am really not interested.

Rutherford’s model… postulates... energy of a electron in Bohr’s orbit... hydrogen spectrum...yaaaaaawn…

Yet another hour left for the break.
I look at Shruti; her face is screwed up in concentration, Megha is staring back at sir, Divya looks bored just like me but is still listening. I try very hard to concentrate.

I think I might have just slept for two minutes right now.
Note: Sleep early tonight.

The professor asks us to draw some energy profile diagram, I doodle something. Scribble lyrics in the margin. So bored.

I stare at Rucha, who mouths, ‘Ultra pakking, yaar.’
I nod in agreement.

‘Last bench, stand up.’
My professor’s cold, dark eyes pierce me. I want to say, ‘Who? Me?’ but I remain silent.

‘Explain hydrogen spectrum’

‘Whaaa...’ I choose to remain silent.

His eyes seem to penetrate my brain… He has probably figured out that it is empty and none of the spectrum has entered it.

His bushy moustache is perfectly perpendicular to his nose.

‘Why were you talking?’ he asks me, his south Indian accent drawls.

‘Because I’m bored,’ I want to say but I keep my mouth shut.

‘Answer me, why, eh?’

My giant dumb head does not come up with anything. Maybe I could say I had a doubt but since I was paying zero percent attention, it wasn’t right. Or I could say I was asking for a pen or something but he hadn’t asked us to write anything.

Or I should have told him the truth that I was ultra bored and left the class for ever. But that would have lead to a quick phone call to my parents, followed by screaming, yelling, shouting, punishments and assignments!
Err.. no thanks.

Just then I could hear students from the next class make noise outside. It was time for the break, finally!!

The professor gave me another cold stare. The atmosphere was becoming more and more restless.

‘Everyone revise and come next time.’ Another furious look and he left the class.


  1. only monday morning?!
    mera all mornings r like this..!!!

    atoms,molecules,nuclei sucks!!

    hydrogen spectrum!


  2. hahah I hated hydrogen spectrum.

    I can never remember that formula for Bohr's orbit and blah blah.

    Oh and ---> nice post.


  3. @ mugdha : Haha! Not all mornings..sometimes.

    Physics sucks!! :-X

  4. @ adrita - Bohr was indeed a BORE!!

    Thanks for visting!! :)

  5. you have a great writting skill horn on it who knows u can be a writer on day

  6. Haha, nice =] Monday mornings suck. Completely.
    Been there, done that. :)

  7. hey! seriously u r a fantastic writer! it was fun reading this one! ( Divya really liked this write up)

  8. This is so seriously funny! 'Its like a walk through with all the incident *happened* riveting ...told in much ..much more hilarious way. Loveed it.
    'Mustache perpendicular - XD #epic '

  9. @ Sristhi : Totally agree! Monday mornings suck!!
    Thanks for commenting!! :)

    @ Disha : I am glad you liked it!!

    @ Prathmesh : Thanks!! :)

  10. Nice posts. :P

    And thanks! :)

  11. This reminds me when I was talking sitting on the first bench and the professor asked me the definition of an atom and I couldnt remember a single word!! Stood their bliking at his face! Sheesh!

    Nice blog n thnx for dropping by Handwritten.


  12. @cindrella : Thnks for Commenting!! :)
    Nice blog you have!

  13. You miss it? Are you suggesting,you like it!??! =_=


    Thanks for visiting! :)

  14. Nice post! I'm graduating in a while, so it brings me some nice memories. ;)

  15. Well I failed in both my pre-boards but got 89 in my boards. I started liking it post that :D

    Best of luck to you :)

  16. @ Mishika - 89!! *_* Thats great!

    Thanks! :)

  17. this is really good =)
    my sis says its hilarious.

  18. @lostboiisnowfound - Thanks ya!! :)
    I hope you start blogging soon! :)

  19. Hello, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!
    I like this entry, it's hilarious and totally relatable. :)

  20. @ asphyxia - I am glad you liked it! Keep visiting! :)

  21. Nice.

    I'm a Humanities student so Rutherford and Bohr are just vague memories from my class 10 syllabus. But I can totally identify with the classroom situation.

  22. :) Lucky you are!

    Thanks for commenting,Anandi. :)

  23. Ha! This was good. Like every chemistry lecture for me. I can't help it if the door and the clock is in my line of vision, right? :D

    And Mondays? *sighs* I never get a rickshaw on a Monday. >.<

  24. His eyes seem to penetrate my brain… He has probably figured out that it is empty and none of the spectrum has entered it.

    this was the best!!!! very well written and so true!!
    btw do you read chik lit??
    cos it seems like that!!!

  25. Gahaha. I like. Very much.
    Science :|
    I'm so glad I'm over and done with it.
    Awesomeness I say!

    Junior College I suppose?
    Why did you opt for Science?
    Doesn't seem like you love it :|

    I hate to accept this,but I love Chem :P

    I like the way you write.
    Keep writing! =)

  26. @ prats - chick lit? Nah..I dont. What made you think so?

  27. @ Radhika Saxena - I choose Science for Biology..and maths to some extent!
    But Physics and Chemistry are totally not my cup of tea!! :-S

    Thanks for visiting!! :)

  28. Hehe....Took me back to my school days...:)

  29. we had the same thing as a 3-fucking-page derivation in our phy board exam.
    still,i dont hold any grudges against it.
    like the blog.