03 June, 2012

Summer in the South.

Just returned from my short vacation in my native place, located along the borders of Kerala and Karnataka.  I went to a lot of beaches and watched a different sunset every day. Walked with the wind blowing through my hair, and the waves gushing toward me. Stayed at old family homes near the ocean, went fishing at six in the morning, brought back nets full of crabs, fishes and a gazillion starfish. Ate coconuts, mangoes and jackfruits after plucking them from trees. Went to the huge fish market, and saw all the fishing boats and trucks overflowing with fish. Visited beautiful temples, saw rows and rows of coconut trees. Ate ice cream. And fish curry, and crab curry and prawn fry. And local delicacies – chattambada and bonda. Studied various constellations during the half hour power cut every day. Got drenched in the first rains. Returned home with a bad tan, bags filled with sweets and a camera full of pictures.

On my way to Mangalore.

Then and now.

Dad's house.


Light bulb Sunset.

Mangalore Dockyard.


Visiting Guruvayor temple.


Smaller shell fish.