31 August, 2010

Age of Innocence

My heart was pounding against my ribs. I was breathing fast. My brain was numb. I was looking at the dangerous creature in front of me, whose black right eye was fixated on me. It's blue left eye was looking elsewhere, perhaps at a different prey. I blinked and looked around. Anxious faces surrounded me. I could see the fear in their eyes. They could see fear in mine. My terror-stricken face must have screamed for help, but none of them could do anything. They were as lost as I was, as scared as me. A bead of sweat slowly trickled down my back, dragging a chill down my spine with it. The creature took a step towards me. I gripped my sword. I had to fight this, I had literally invited this trouble, it was all my fault. What was I thinking then? It wouldn't notice? It wouldn't care?

My heart beat faster. I could hear the winds howling. It seemed to me they were celebrating my impending defeat. They were supporting my enemy, but after all, it was his kingdom. He ruled it.

The creature's mouth moved. It was almost as if it was talking. It repeated the same action. I still couldn't understand what it was doing.
Then something sharp poked me in the back.

"Are you nuts? Answer his damn question!!'

"What?" I was confused now.

Then reality zoomed back to me as my friend poked me again with a pencil.
My chemistry professor was staring at me, with both his blue and black eye.

"What is the answer?" he said, perhaps for the third time now.

"I am not sure sir. I got 316 kilo joules per mole."

"316.14 kilo joules per mole," he corrected me. "Pay attention now."


  1. Phew! :)
    Expected the twist, alright. But your articulation was so watertight that at the end, it reminded me of my schooldays. (The only difference being that I'd have missed the right answer by miles :D)
    Keep writing...

  2. Hahahaha! Aww, so cute! Really, comparing your chemistry teacher with that scary animal is ROFL funny. Your narration was so vivid, I was almost afraid.
    Back on the blog finally, good girl :)

  3. finnaaalllllyyyyyy after agesss!!!
    chal chal itna ud mat..
    chemistry is nothing..
    ppl have bigger problems like BEE and mechanics!!! :'(

  4. @ Rohith.R.Das - :) Thank you.
    I don't know how I landed so close to the answer,quite unusual. :P

  5. @ Srishti - :D Thank you! :D
    (the prof. does look that scary!)

    Oye,where is your blog post ka part 2?

  6. @ Mugdha - :)
    Dude,you have it only for one year, I have to do this for two years!! :'(

    Chemistry! *_*

  7. Yeah, I hated Chemistry too. Math as well... in fact most classes... Hey but you do get get fodder for stories right.

  8. Rofl...
    Well, happens 2 everyone.. ;)

    btw, how didya add that Reactions thingy? Thats a cool new thing! :))


  9. @ Tabitha Bird - Hahaha..yeah. Thats true! :P

    Thanks for visiting! :)

  10. @ wise donkey - :D lets hope!

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  11. @ PsycheBubbles - :) Thank you!

    The reaction thingy you can find in Design > Blog Post - Edit. You can enable those reactions.


  12. err.. well. it seems Blogger is doing some technical tune ups on this, so currently that feature cant be enabled.. lets see if it comes back on anytime soon! :)

  13. Ha ha! That one panned out very differently from what I expected.

  14. @ PsycheBubbles - Well,it is working on my page..
    Try doing it sometime later! :)

  15. Hahahaha, sweet. :P

    Btw, Calvin n hobbes, is like awesomeness itself. :D

  16. ooohh...that was something awesome :P
    Not for u though =/
    loved readin it =]

  17. @ sam - :)
    Calvin n Hobbes = Awesome-ness!

  18. @ P i x i e - yeah,it wasn't awesome for me! :P


  19. :-D I could relate to it!!

    That was a nice description.

  20. @ Insignia - Thank you for visiting! :)

    Welcome to my blog! :)

  21. @ Rohith J Rao - Me too!! :P

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  22. oh my god..hahahahahahaha *catches a breath* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha