13 August, 2009

Go green!

I sowed a tamarind seed in a flower pot near my window some time back. It started growing after a few days.

I was surprised; I wasn’t expecting it to grow.

I started taking extra care of it, watered it everyday and made proper adjustments so it could get ample of sunlight…

As time passed, small branches developed and along with that, small leaves started coming up too.

I imagined a huge tree which it would grow into. Under which I would sit and enjoy many pleasant afternoon. Climb up on it and swing on it branches. What fun!

However it didn’t turn out that way.

I returned from school one afternoon and went straight to window to see how tall my tree had grown. But no, there was no sapling there, no flower pot either!

I was shocked. Where did it go?? Did dad shift it to some other place without telling me? I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find it.

I asked dad. He said the plants along with it had some dangerous insect feeding on it. It was better to get rid of it.

I was hurt.

Did that stupid insect had no other plant to go to on this whole earth? Why my plants?

After that, I have put many seeds in other flower pots, some of them grew, some of them withered away.

But I will always remember my little tamarind tree, its branches, its leaves and those pleasant afternoons.


  1. Dangerous insect? No insect can be more dangerous than Homo sapiens!

    Perhaps you would have replanted it and years later ate the tamarind and played under the tree; perhaps you would have mad a Bonsai tamarind tree ... perhaps... But you have the treasure of joyful memories - and a beautiful way of telling it.

    Thank you for coming by my blog.

    And next time an insect eats the leaf of your plants, just take out the insect by hand - who knows, that insect might be a caterpillar and one day will become a pretty little butterfly!

  2. nice !!
    especially the ending :-)
    very touching !!

  3. hi dear,

    I had a puppy once that died long before its years. It didn't have to die, actually. I had often dreamed of growing old with him, how he might have become a faithful companion to my as yet unborn children. I still find myself thinking of him once in a while. I might have another dog sometime but it will never be the same.

    I understand the feeling.


  4. very nice!i loved it.i 2 will now plant some saplings.wil surely do it.blue periwinkle u rock!!!!

  5. Awww ... that was a cute post :)
    And u miss, keep planting such beautiful things, m sure some of them will grow up to give the shadow, when u need and some its branches to make ur kids climb on them ;)

    Nice post and thanks for the comment :)

  6. the pics are fantabulous. really really good. and its very touching.

  7. Tats perfect green !
    N pix are awesome !


  8. I liked the beautiful picture and ofcourse the wonderful description.Its very touching.

  9. No i did not seen the movie...
    Have you?

  10. Oh...I am sorry about the tamarind plant...even i was expecting a nice happy ending...never mind..i am sure you'll get more plants to adore...nicely written and lovely pics...:)

  11. reminds me of first love and first love lost... and ouch! it hurts....

    nice post...

  12. you express your thoughts very well. keep writing :)
    and of course, keep planting!

  13. Hey! Thanks for dropping by..! :)
    But yeah sorry about the plant... My plants have lived for 3 years... I know how you feel... That's how I would feel...

  14. hey dats really a cool article, i liked dat.very touchy ...

  15. This reminded me of a plant which i had planted just besides my window in my good old school days. Unfortunately it died due to heavy rains :(

  16. This reminded me of a plant which i had planted just besides my window in my good old school days. Unfortunately it died due to heavy rains :(